Mice and Rodents in the Ballantyne area are Always Ready to Move In

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ratOne mouse or rat often signals the presence of additional rodents. Their infestation in Ballantyne homes, attics and garages is not uncommon. And once they invade, they can taint your food with their waste droppings, urine, saliva and fur and transmit various bacteria and viruses. They can also introduce fleas, mites or ticks to their environments, which can quickly multiply as well.

Eliminating food sources and sealing small entries into your home can help prevent them from nesting. They like to set up residence in dark, cluttered, dry areas not far from a water source. They can chew through and cause damage to your flooring and drywall, insulation, wires and pipes.

In North Carolina, the most common species include deer mice, the house mouse, Norway rat and black rats (or roof rats). As the weather cools down, these rodents look for alternate food sources and secluded spaces free from predators.

If cornered, a rodent will bite to defend itself. Call our dedicated staff of experts who will use the latest techniques, products and pest control services to rid your Ballantyne home, attic or garage of these disease-carrying pests.