Cockroaches Can Thrive on So Little

But they won’t survive at your Harrisburg property if you call the experts at Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions!

cockroach Swift and agile, they carry their egg sacs and can multiply many times before you realize they have taken over your Harrisburg home. They like to live and feed in the dark, so popular hiding and breeding places include behind refrigerators, stoves and sinks. During an infestation their feces will be visible. It resembles black pepper or cylindrical dark droppings.

The ultimate survivor, cockroaches have lived off the bare essentials for 320 million years. They can thrive on so little that once they invade a home or garage, they can be very tough to eliminate.

Whether the American, German or Brownbanded version, we can eradicate your Harrisburg home of them. We’ll help you end their residence before they move into any piles of paper, which gives off an aggregate pheromone, and under your appliances or in your cupboards, where they can exist off of crumbs, food waste or small grease spots. Call today and let us end your cockroach problem.