Headless Cockroaches in Gastonia Can Live for a Week

But they won’t survive the experts at Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions!

cockroach Cockroaches are the ultimate survivor – even living without their heads for up to a week (they die because they need their mouths to drink water). With an open circulatory system, roaches can breathe through the little holes in each of their body segments.

Your Gastonia home, garage and attic provide them with the moisture, warmth and dark spaces they thrive on. Swift and agile, cockroaches can run up to three miles an hour, leaving germs and bacteria in their paths.

Tough to kill, they can also hold their breath for up to 40 minutes in water. And the German species, the most common, becomes an adult in just over one month. About the size of one speck of dust, a one-day-old cockroach can run almost as fast as its parents – elusive and transmitting allergens and diseases quickly.

Our exterminators can help drive these insidious opponents out of your Gastonia home and property. Whether the German, Brownbanded, Oriental or American version, we can eradicate them wherever they are nesting. Call today and let us end your cockroach problem.