Control the Infestation of Harmful Spiders

Eliminate them at your Gastonia property by calling the experts at Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions!

Brown RecluseWe can help control the infestation of Black Widow and Brown Recluse spiders before they pose a danger to your family and pets. These poisonous spiders can nest in the same areas as the harmless spiders. Yet all spiders can become a nuisance, especially inside your Gastonia home. Once they settle in and multiply, you’ll be cleaning up their webbing, fecal spotting and discarded prey.

Let us help give your Gastonia home and property a fresh start and eradicate potentially harmful spiders. Here is more information about the two most dangerous species:

Black Widow: The adult female is about ½-inch long, shiny black with a red hourglass pattern on the abdomen. The Black Widow hides well and bites in response to being threatened. Its venom is a nerve toxin and effects are rapid.

Brown Recluse: Hiding in concealed places, its bite is usually painless until three to eight hours later when the venom sets in. Its abdomen is darker than the rest of the body with a violin-shaped marking on the top. It can range in color from dark cream to dark brown.