How Will Termites Attack Today?

Eliminate them at your Harrisburg property by calling the experts at Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions!

termite A colony of termites can cause serious structural damage quickly. They hide well and can chew through wood and flooring in your Harrisburg home before you even detect them. Subterranean termites construct complex tunnels and galleries beneath the surface flooring to seek food. They rely on sheeting and runaways to protect them from predators.

Their colonies range from a few hundred to several million – and this determined team of soldiers can wreak havoc. Termite queens have the longest known life span of any insect, with some reportedly living 30 years and longer.

Possible signs of termite damage include:

  • Uneven or bubbling paint
  • Soft wood that sounds hollow when you tap on it
  • Small piles of sawdust (actually termite feces)
  • Mud tubes on the home exterior
  • Discarded wings on windowsills
  • Wood structures (including floors) that are darkened or blistered

If you suspect you may have termites, call our experts for a thorough inspection. If we confirm your Harrisburg property has termites, we will offer an immediate and effective treatment plan.