Ants Come Marching In

Let Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions put a halt to them on your Marvin property!

Fire Ants

Rid your property of aggressive black ants, carpenter ants and biting fire ants with the help of Tactical Pest exterminators. Carpenter ants can be very destructive, excavating and tunneling into wood. And stinging fire ants, with mounds that enlarge as their populations multiply, can pose harm to you and your pets.

A few tips to discourage ants from nesting near your home (or moving in):

  • Eliminate standing water around your home
  • Cut back tree branches that come on contact with your house
  • Seal up cracks along the foundation of your home
  • Remove firewood and/or building materials that are near your home

Our trusted professionals can eradicate those armies of ants marching through your home and yard in Marvin. Although ants are persistent and hard to fight, they are no match for Tactical Pest’s technicians. Our multi-prong program will get the job done. Contact us today.