Mice are mini chewing machines

Let Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions rid them from your Marvin property!

ratMice may be small, but they multiply quickly. Once they set up shop in your home, they can chew through drywall, flooring and food boxes in your pantry. And when you see one mouse, there are likely many more sharing your abode.

Attracted to cluttered spaces, they will seek warm hiding places to nest. Telltale signs that they have invaded your Marvin home include mice droppings, track prints, damage to foodstuff and furnishings, unusual pet activity and scratching sounds in the walls and ceilings.

Essential oils, apple cider vinegar and fabric softener sheets are natural ways to repel mice. But once they invade your Marvin property, you have no time to lose. Call today and let our exterminators drive these pesky rodents from your Marvin home and property.