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Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control Solutions

Tactical Pest takes a custom approach to solve your pest problems. We begin by discussing any known pest issues at your business and property. Our professional pest control technicians will then inspect your building and property to determine which pest treatment and products will best solve your pest invasion issues.

Commercial Pest ControlBecause no two buildings or properties are exactly alike, we take an individualized approach to best assess which commercial pest control services you may need. Because we strive to offer the highest quality pest services, we also use the highest quality pest control products available.

We will customize a commercial pest control program that is right for you, taking into consideration the unique features of your building and property. To prevent further pest invasions, we also can create a quarterly or monthly pest control maintenance program. As a further preventative measure, we rotate our products to keep pest resistance to any one product at bay.

Tactical Pest creates a file for each client, making careful notes regarding any issues, building and property history, scheduled maintenance, and special instructions in the correct procedures for maintaining and servicing your property. This ensures that your pest control issues are handled correctly and with ease at every service call. Should you have extraneous issues between scheduled visits, these problems will be resolved at no additional charge.

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Count on the professionals of Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions for fast, reliable and experienced pest control services.

Why Choose Tactical Pest?

The difference between tactical pest and other pest control companies is that we customize our treatments to each property we service. We use the best treatment methods and the best products available to solve your pest issues. Notes are kept on your account to make sure the correct treatment is applied at your service.

Pest Control Solutions

We are here to handle your pest control needs promptly, professionally and efficiently.

Mosquito Solutions

Protect your dog from heartworm! Protect your family from diseases such as Zika virus, west nile virus, encephalitis, dengue and malaria.

Flea and Tick Control

We are here to handle your pest control needs promptly, professionally and efficiently.

Termite Solutions

Choose a company that will give you the highest quality termite control services available for your commercial or residential property.

Fire Ant Extermination

We have an aggressive fire ant program designed to keep control of your yard, fields and pastures free of red fire ants.

Yard Treatments

We offer family and pet safe yard treatments that are highly effective for fleas, ticks, and fire ants and eco-friendly.