Looking for a Mosquito Control Expert in Mint Hill, NC?

Look no further than Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions!

We provide the best mosquito pest control services in Mint Hill, NC to reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property to the lowest number possible. Our mosquito exterminators are prompt, professional and have the experience and expertise in the latest mosquito control service techniques.

Mosquitoes can spread diseases and cause heartworm disease in the family dog and other pet diseases. Protect your family and pets with a mosquito yard treatment.

At Tactical Pest we offer a trifold solution to reducing mosquito populations.

  • We treat the landscaping and your entire yard with a residual repellant to help reduce the population of mosquitoes in their resting sites.
  • When necessary, we will also treat breeding sites on the property to help prevent mosquito larvae from developing into adults.
  • The third approach is to treat with an insect growth regulator. This inhibits development and reproduction in mosquitoes at all stages of their life cycle.