Mosquitoes can transmit many diseases

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Since mosquito larvae feed on bacteria, algae and other microorganisms in water, they can be super spreaders when it comes to diseases such as encephalitis and Zika virus. They can also cause heartworm disease in your family dogs. They are attracted to host animals by moisture, lactic acid, carbon dioxide, body heat and movement.

Most active during twilight hours and at night, they gravitate to ponds, bird baths, small ditches, tree holes – any cavity that contains stagnant water. Once they deposit their eggs, some can survive over the winter and will hatch when flooded by rainfall. Severe storms or a particularly wet season can contribute to a larger than usual mosquito population as breeding environments are optimal.

The life cycle of a mosquito is from 18 days to several weeks – unless they meet sooner with the professionals at Tactical Pest. In North Carolina, the most common species include Asian tiger and house mosquitoes. As a result of recent hurricanes, there have even been reports of blood-sucking mosquitoes called “gallinippers,” which can grow three times larger than regular mosquitoes.

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